Re-committing to exercise, post injury

by Laura on July 25, 2011

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How was your weekend? Mine was so incredibly busy and unfortunately that is going to continue throughout the week! I finally had some time yesterday afternoon to sit down and relax study for my two tests this week and complete various tasks around the house.


7.25.11 007


blah. Other tasks included cooking chicken for Matt’s lunches and dinners the next few days while I’m super busy.

7.25.11 008 

And making fresh pizza dough (from this recipe – sub whole wheat pastry flour for the whole wheat flour. it’s so good) in my bread machine for last night’s dinner.


7.25.11 009 

Yummmm. I took a break in the middle to spend time with Matt and his friend who were brewing beer at our house!


7.25.11 004

7.25.11 005

7.25.11 012

7.25.11 006

It was pretty intense! And also pretty cool. I’ve made beer in my food microbiology lab before, but not the proper way or five gallons worth! I saved the spent grains they used and will be trying to make a spent grain bread this week once I find the time.

So – on to today’s topic. This is a topic I’ve wanted to broach, but also have been avoiding – both in my actual life and here on the blog. I announced a month ago that I’ve been cleared by my doctor to start the elliptical, working my way up to power walking on the treadmill and finally back to running! (If you are new to the blog, I have a strained iliacus tendon in my hip. Details here) However I do have to heat and stretch before, then stretch and ice after – which definitely takes more time than I’m used to.



I was not given any direction on how long to spend in these different areas and am supposed to be going at my own discretion. It seems (as I am learning) that anytime I have a major life change that affects my schedule, it takes me some time before I realize that I need to actually make an effort to accommodate this change. As in, I basically keep going with my old schedule and stress about how I’m not doing “x, y, z” or whatever it is. Then I realize at some point I need to re-configure my schedule and make the adjustment necessary.

This definitely happened to me at the beginning of the summer when I realized that A) I have no solid schedule this summer and B) Working from home was making me depressed and insane. Thus, I stopped planning ahead and plan my day the night before. When I’m not at a meeting, I leave the house every day and travel to barnes and noble or starbucks and my productivity sky rockets!

7.25.11 016 

Welcome to my office yo. It’s Easy Peasy to be productive here!

Well, it’s time to make a plan for my exercise. I was scared when I was first given clearance to put myself on a dedicated schedule. I didn’t know how long I would be able to be on the elliptical, or how much rest I would need in between elliptical sessions. I’m trying my best to just listen to my body [hip] and not push myself too much.

Unfortunately this lax approach has just about killed my exercise schedule. I’m making it to the gym about once every 3 days to elliptical, though sometimes it’s longer. The good news is I’m up to 22 minutes on a flat elliptical, a great sign! But, I’m doing almost no cross training because it’s too hot to bike right now unless you catch the perfect evening in the 90s. I’m not even lifting right now! Who am I? Obviously this needs to be fixed but I also don’t want to put myself on a month long schedule right now. It’s just not possible because I have no idea how long until I can run again.

elliptical cartoon



Thus, I want to start making a weekly schedule again and start from there. My strategy is to slowly walk on my treadmill at home in between elliptical days. I definitely want to start working my way up on the power walking, but realize I still need to keep ellipticalling right now until I can run.

I’m using my exercise techniques of scheduling my workouts, working out in the morning (when it’s possible) and starting out slowly and working my way up. Here’s my plan for this week, taking into account how busy my schedule is and the concept of starting slow to not overwhelm myself.

Exercise schedule for week of 7/25: Workout 4/7 days

Tuesday: elliptical
Wednesday: Walk on treadmill
Friday: Lift+elliptical
Saturday/Sunday: either bike or walk on treadmill

I hope this lights a fire inside me to get back to my consistent exercise. It’s been so hard to go from working out 6 days a week in the spring, to being limited to only flat biking/swimming to now slowly adding activity back in. I just want to be back to normal – running races/spinning/body works classes, but I know I need to do the recovery work to get myself there without re-injuring.


What are your tips for getting yourself back on an exercise routine? Any (safe for me) tips that you have would be most appreciated!


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1 Keelie (SweatEqualsSuccess) July 25, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Do you practice yoga? Anytime I’m away from working out for a while, I depend on yoga to help me ease back into the swing of things…

Best of luck getting back to running! :)


2 Laura July 25, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Its on my list to try again soon! I was banned by my doctor from it prior. I have been trying to make it to my studios gentle class but stuff keeps getting scheduled at the same time!

Thanks for the reminder to go ;)


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