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by Laura on April 17, 2012

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I think that’s how the line goes – right?

Anyway, Happy Tuesday! I’m here to share my goals from last week and my goals for the next week.

I had lunch with the amazing Nicole last week and she questioned me if I had given myself my reward yet – and then got on to me when I said I had completely forgotten! So I’ll be headed out to buy my flowers the next few days and I’ve been reading more, which is always good!

So last week I was gone from Thursday-Sunday, which I won’t lie – threw me for a loop. I purposely set my goals around knowing I would be traveling, but I still had a little trouble getting them done compared to the week prior. I swear, I could never travel for a living because I would be a mess. I live, breathe and exist under the structure of my house, my kitchen and a routine. Being away from home makes me want to treat myself and do things that are not characteristic for me (which can be good, but can also be bad!)


Scenes from the beautiful Riverwalk in San Antonio!

Here were my goals last week and my progress (which I’m tracking in a google spreadsheet if you want to join along).

last week’s goals

1. Track food every day: 6/7 or 85.71%. I really feel like this could have been 7 for 7, but I had a bad day Friday when I was starving ALL DAY because the food situation at the conference I attended was not great. I felt horrible about it Saturday morning and caught myself playing the guilt games. I decided to make Saturday a healthy day and got right back on track!

2. Floss every day: 5/7 or 71.43%. I’m finding the trick to this goal is to floss before I fall asleep randomly somewhere (like the couch) or wait until I’m too tired to function. I’m getting there…

3. Drink over 150 oz of water each day (I’ve been tracking the last few weeks with an app on my phone, so that’s how I’ll keep track): 6/7 or 85.71%. You know, I think I was there on the day I missed this goal – but it was close, so I gave myself the benefit of the doubt and said no. This was also Friday for me.

4. Eat five fruits/vegetables every day: 6/7 or 85.71%. Again this was Friday and I was really close to there, but not quite – dang you Friday!

5. Exercise three times (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is what I’m aiming for): 2/3 or 66.67%. Again, I only got in two days of exercise. I’m REALLY going to try my best to make this 100% next week so I can stop struggling so much with the physical activity.

I exercised Thursday and Saturday. Thursday I took a long walk with a great friend along the Riverwalk – we walked for 1.5 hours! Then Saturday I ran with my brother, which was lovely. I was hoping for Tuesday or Sunday, but school work got in the way…


6. Do 35 pushups, or 5 per day: 35/35 or 100%. You know, I was hoping to do these every other day or so, but I ended up doing them all Saturday and Sunday. Not quite what I had hoped for, but at least I got back in the habit of doing them.

7. Do 175 crunches, or 25 per day. 175/175 or 100%. Same thing as above! All on Saturday and Sunday.

Overall – the 80% overall goal is REALLY helping me. I hit 86.7% of my goals this week and I’m at 90.7% for the month! I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this before and I’m really looking forward to keeping this style of challenge up. I read Kristina’s 45 day challenge yesterday and thought, “man there is no way I could keep myself motivated for 45 days with one challenge.” Funny how that was working for me a few months ago, don’t you agree?


this week’s goals

Again – Monday to Sunday. If I complete 80% of these goals this week, I’m going to buy myself a new kindle book!

And as a bonus reward, I made a pact with Matt for us to both complete a goal we’ve been struggling with lately. We both picked out rewards that involved each other, so we could motivate each other to reach our goals! For me – if I track my food all 7 days this week, we’re going to the Grossology Museum exhibit I’ve been wanting to visit!


1. Track food every day.

2. Drink over 150 oz of water each day.

3. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

4. Eat out four times or less.

5. Floss each day (which I already missed last night because I fell asleep at 10pm by accident.)

6. Exercise three days (I’m shooting for Today, Thursday and Saturday.)

7. Have a daily average of 7,500 steps each day (weekly total: 52,500)

8. Read for 30 minutes on 4 days this week.

9. Do at least 10 pushups on 4 days this week.

It’s a lot of goals, but they are all super important to help me stay on track right now! Only 3.5 more weeks of school to go before the sweet, sweet summer.


Did you set goals this week? What are they?

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1 Nicole Rodriguez (@Nicole2112) April 17, 2012 at 2:27 pm

*cough*Fifty Shades of Grey*cough* – I’m looking into how you can borrow it. :)


2 Laura April 17, 2012 at 2:28 pm

I FINALLY finished the new Kinsella book and I started a new one yesterday on my kindle – “Single in the City”

I have SO many books to read right now, I really don’t need another kindle book, but it’s motivating :)


3 Eating as a Path to Yoga April 17, 2012 at 2:27 pm

OMG… I love San Antonio. So jealous. My goal was to go to bed earlier, and it’s been a bit better.


4 Laura April 17, 2012 at 2:29 pm

That’s great!!! Keep working on it :) I struggle with this one quite a bit too.


5 sarah @ sarah learns April 18, 2012 at 9:17 am

i really like your approach to your goals. the 80% thing sounds like such a good idea.

i want to do something similar with my goals – i just need to find a moment to actually think about it and choose good goals that are a stretch, but not impossible!


6 Laura April 18, 2012 at 10:30 am

You should! I generally would get really upset if I didn’t hit all these goals 100%, but I’ve found setting realistic goals then holding myself accountable for only 80% helps me SO much. I never feel like a failure and I always feel successful at the end of the week. AND I’m actually getting a lot of good things done!


7 Diana @ VeggieNextDoor April 20, 2012 at 11:44 pm

You. Are. So. Awesome. :-) That Grossology Exhibit does look cool! I hope you both get to go!!

My goal for the weekend is to get in a long workout Saturday and Sunday. I used to be a ‘weekend warrior’ – using my weekends to play catchup on workouts, except last weekend that didn’t quite happen. I kept postponing my ‘run’, until finally at 9pm sunday night my ‘run’ turned into a 20 minute yoga video :-)


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